It all feels so much like a part of me

## ## Mackay clubs lend a hand to African teams in need

ALISON Langevad’s home may be Mackay, but her heart has taken up residence in Africa.

The continent and its people have given Langevad “so much over the last 20 years” that she and her husband decided it was time to give back.

Through Africa Safari Discovery, and with the help of Wanderers FC and Whitsunday United FC, the local photographer recently shipped four complete sets of playing strips to Kenya for distribution among estate football teams within the country’s capital, Nairobi.

The small humanitarian feat will have a lasting impact on teams that have long played without club colours to call their own.

Alison Langevad has sent four complete sets of football jerseys from local clubs to Nairobi, Kenya.

“Their wildlife has given me a photography online business, their people have offered me friendship (and) their culture has reminded me of how fortunate we often are in Australia,” Langevad said.

“It definitely is a coming together of my sports photography and passion for Africa. It all feels so much like a part of me.

“My husband and I have spent hours and hours with our Kenyan driver talking sport while we watch African wildlife. It just felt right.”

Through her professional affiliation with Mackay Regional Football Zone, Langevad reached out to local clubs to support the initial distribution.

The first shipment included junior and senior sizes, goalie jerseys and a club shirt for the coach.

Mackay photographer Alison Langevad snapped this photo on location in South Africa in 2016. Through her photography, Alison has fostered a strong relationship with the African continent and its people. Photo: Alison Langevad

“In a world where recycling has become key, it is evident that sporting clubs have nowhere to send old jerseys. The pile grows at each club of previous seasons’ strips,” Langevad said.

“We are so blessed with abundance in Australia that it was easy to look further afield to find someone a little less fortunate.”

Kenya is currently in a countrywide lockdown due to COVID 19 and distribution to the teams has been put on hold.

But once restrictions have eased, Langevad is hopeful the Mackay Nairobi football pipeline will continue.

“So far the idea has been well received,” she said. “We will know more once soccer resumes over there about who exactly will benefit and how great the future need.”

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